Who are we? Edinburgh Plant Science - Early Career Researchers (EPS-ECRs)

By Marisol and Andres, 21 August 2020

Who are we?

EPS-ECRs is a community of interdisciplinary and enthusiastic early researchers from nine plant science institutes located in Edinburgh, with the aim of delivering fundamental and translational research, education and to communicate research to society.

What do we offer?

  •  Postgraduate training for the next generation of plant researchers.
  •  Public outreach opportunities.
  •  Improved understanding of plant science through student-led seminars.
  •  Quarterly EPS newsletter which shares upcoming exclusive opportunities for ECRs.
  •  Multi-disciplinary research funding opportunities.
  • Assistance of material exchange between institutes (material transfer of genetic and organisms materials agreement).


What’s on this year?

Our first event “Connecting plant science for the future” aims to bring awareness of our organisation, promote engagement of ECRs and to inform the community about our current and future activities. This event will be held online on 22nd October 2020 (Thursday).

What 's it about?

  • Present EPS-ECRs to all 10 institutions that take part in EPS. Our future aim is to open the network to other plant science institutions across Scotland and later the UK.
  • Provide training and guide ECR members at different stages of their career.
  • Open invitation to participate in future events of public outreach, seminars, and newsletters.

For more information on how to participate, please register on Eventbrite to keep up with future updates on the proposed meeting program. 


How about training opportunities?

We are currently considering different options:

  1. Technical training provided by one of the institutions with assistance from ECR members from any institutions belonging to EPS (This will require an agreement between the different institutions).
  2. Knowledge exchange (ECR members share their knowledge and skills).

To fulfill this end, we will invite all participants of the first event of EPS-ECRs to voice their opinions regarding a series of training options. We need you!


How can you participate?

Would you like to join and connect with this vibrant community of plant scientists?

Please do so! We welcome all enthusiastic ECR plant scientists. 

Please join our Slack community where we talk about plant-related research



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