What we do and offer

                                                 RESEARCH THEMES







EPS members participate in wide ranging research that can be encompassed broadly by three overarching themes that reflect the needs of our world today: Fundamental, Translational and Technology. 

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Food Security

The expansion of the global population is placing ever increasing demands on plants as sources of food, feed and fuel. However, every year crop harvests are decimated by infectious pathogens and by unfavourable weather conditions. EPS scientists study how plants react to infection and changes in micro-climate so we can develop more resilient, high yielding crops.

Environmental Sustainabiity

Plants are one of our most valuable natural resources. Indeed, our survival is completely dependent upon plant life.  EPS scientists are studying terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems so we can build a sustainable future where human activities support the diversity of plant life.  


To ensure our research and expertise is used to develop policy we draw on expertise from the Innogen Institute the ESRC Centre for Social and Economic Research on Innovation in Genomics and SRUC’s Rural Policy Centre.

EPS partners are grateful for the generous support provided by a wide range of public and private funders of our research.




EPS members can provide a wide range of expertise and support for a diverse set of customers and end users from farmers, industry, local and national government and policy makers both nationally and internationally. We can also access a variety of funding sources to help facilitate collaboration with industry.

In particular we offer:

CONSULTANCY across a wide range of disciplines

PARTNERING WITH INDUSTRY through collaboration, consultancy and technology transfer