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“The Babel’s tower of modelling: Is it possible for crop, cell, and molecular modellers to speak the same language?”

Thursday 25th September 2014
Dr. Davide Cammarano
(Staff scientist, James Hutton Institute, Invergowrie, Dundee)

Crop simulation models integrate the temporal and multiple interaction of stress on crop growth each day under different environmental and management conditions. They are used in many research areas and for different purposes; researchers can use them to extrapolate data beyond field experimentation. The aim of this seminar is to show how crop simulation models are used  as a tool for understanding the crop’s temporal and spatial variability within fields, and how farmers can use their outputs in making decisions for the season. And, their use in climate change impact studies.

Future increase in global food demand and population means keeping or increasing sustainable yields and better crop...

8,9 September 2014, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The motivation for the conference, sponsored by New Phytologist, is the under-representation of evolutionary biologists in the UK who work on plants. The aim of the conference is to bring together the community of UK researchers working on Plant Evolution, illustrate the exciting work that is going on in this area, strengthen links between UK research groups and consider how Plant Evolution within the UK can be developed in the future.

The conference will feature talks from leading UK scientists across the spectrum of topics in plant evolution, from Evo-Devo to Biogeography, with a plenary address by Spencer Barrett from the University of Toronto. There will also be the opportunity for presentation of contributed talks and posters. The website for the conference and for registration is: