Main committee

EPS Director    

Alistair McCormick

1.04 Rutherford Building
Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences
School of Biological Sciences
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, EH9 3BF, UK

Research Development Manager      

Theodora Lola-Luz


Digital Content Officer

Apple Chew 






Lead contacts at our partner institutes

UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Lindsay Banin


Edinburgh Napier University

Gavin Ballantyne


Forest Research

Richard Whittet


Global Academy for Agriculture and Food Security 

Liz Baggs

Heriot-Watt University

Peter Morris


Innogen Institute



Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Pete Hollingsworth



David Kenyon


Scotland's Rural College

Fiona Burnet


Plant Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Karen Halliday


Plant Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Annis Richardson


Geosciences, University of Edinburgh

Mathew Williams


Geosciences, University of Edinburgh

Lorna Street