Seminar Announcement: Professor Stephen long FRS

27th June 2014, 12 noon

The Centre for Systems and Synthetic Biology (SynthSys) at the University of Edinburgh is delighted to be hosting Stephen Long, who will speak on ‘Computationally guided systems and synthetic biology approaches to increasing photosynthetic efficiency in crops’

Stephen Long is a pre-eminent plant environmental physiologist distinguished by his pioneering work on photosynthetic responses to global atmospheric change and the demonstration that C4 plants can achieve high productivity in temperate climates. His integration of mechanistic models with novel techniques in environmental physiology and innovative large-scale field experiments have changed understanding of how global change affects productivity and physiology scaling from molecular to regional levels, and has informed approaches to improving crop yield. His work contributed to the emergence of Miscanthus as a major bioenergy crop and provided a novel framework for increasing crop yields through improved photosynthetic efficiency.

Venue Information: Lecture Theatre G10, Darwin Building, Kings Buildings, Mayfield Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3JD